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TWISTED STRAINS Clothing Apparel and Accessories, LLC

Puff Puff Give Women's Two-Tone Sneaker

Puff Puff Give Women's Two-Tone Sneaker

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Which did you choose for your feet? Durable, Afrodobale, lightweight, comfortable, and cheap Sneakers to buy! To give women Athletic Shoes engineered exclusively for us. We're talking about shoes made specifically for a woman's unique foot shape, muscle movement, and build, not just a sized-down version of a man's shoe. This Women's Two-Tone Sneaker is made for the women's movement, where our individuality is rightfully celebrated and actions speak louder than words. Because women deserve better. Better shoes, better rights, a better world.

Our resolve is stronger than ever to create shoes that keep breaking the mold. Shoes that stand for change. We know the power of our female tribe. It's an unstoppable force that moves us with every step, every shoe. Because when women come together, we will change the world. With a textured upper mesh and dual-side faux leather detail, our Two Tone Sneaker has an attractive head-turning design made with a soft, smooth, and resilient foam that is lightweight.


  • Breathable fly knit, soft insole
  • Dual-side faux leather detail
  • Low-cut, flexible
  • Lace-up closure
  • Printed, cut, and handmade
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